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Original Wind Lock
Sold in pairs with maintenance free spacers and stainless steel screws.

Bee Brush
Extra soft brush that will not harm bees when brushed from the equiment.

Hive Tool
Great for prying and separating boxes and frames.

Hive Stands
Put the legs in a tuna can and add oil to stop ants.
Fits 8 or 10 Frame Hives $29.95

Plastic Queen Excluder
10 Frame only $6.95

Bee Brush $4.25

Frame Grip & Tool Combo $9.95

Stainless Steel Frame Perch $13.95

Frame Scraper $7.95

Frame Spacers 8-7 $10.95

Frame Spacers 10-9 $10.95

Frame Spacers Full 8 $10.95

8 or 10 frame Galvanized Queen Excluders $10.95

Multipurpose Hive Tool $14.95
Hive tool/hammer/frame lifter/excluder cleaner. The Swiss Army knife of hive tools!

Extra Long Stainless Steel Hive Tool $9.95

Porter Bee Escape $3.50

Galvanized Queen Clip $3.95

Smokers: Tall (left) - $24.95 Medium (right) $23.95

Stainless Steel J Hook Hive Tool The Frame Lifter"$6.95

Wood Handle Frame Grip Enjoy the comfort of a smooth hardwood handle. No teeth to destroy frames. $11.95

Queen Catcher Plastic $10.50

Stainless Steel Queen Catcher No smash opening. $5.95

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer Attach to any 12 V Battery to kill mites$59.95

Excluder Scraper Fits in the Queen Excluder Grooves$9.95