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Electric- $795
Electric with Upgrade Basket- $950
Manual- $495

Happy Honey Bottler
Made of 3/4 Maple Materials
Bottom shelf where the honey bucket sits will lift from 0 to 45 degrees and stop at any position. An adjustable shelf where the bottle sits to be filled will travel up and down to accommodate 4oz. to quart jars and stop and any height in between.
Stainless steel drip tray is also included so honey will not drip on the floor

220 lb Stainless Steel tank
With honey gate valve $149.50

Stainless Steel Comb Uncapping Scratcher $3.95

Electric Uncapping Knife $59.95

Compressed Air Bottling Machine
You provide the air compressor and honey. It does the rest, simply set the amount per bottle. $1850.00

2 Frame Plastic Extractor
Perfect for the hobbyist with a couple of hives. Weighs 12 lbs. Stores in a closet! Includes Honey Gate valve. $124.95

Double Stainless Steel Strainer Adjustable Sizing
All You need for filtering your honey! $34.95

Cold Serrated Uncapping Knife

Uncapping Roller

Nylon Double Strainer
Fits over a 5 gallon bucket $10.95

Single Stainless Steel Strainer

Pail Drain Bracket
Leave overnight to drain every drop from one bucket to another.$19.95

Bucket Dolly
Fits 5 gallon & Smaller$14.95

Hive Strap
Don’t worry about wind! 9' strap$14.95

Pail Opener
Open plastic buckets easily with the opener.$10.50

Short Shank Honey Valve
Perfect for tanks$9.95

Plastic Honey Gate Valve $8.95

Honey Refractometer Use olive oil to set.$64.95