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6 Frame Manual Radial Extractor with Stand
304 Stainless Steel
Deeps, Mediums, Shallow Frames $450.00

6 Frame Electric Radial Extractor with Stand
304 Stainless Steel, Deeps, Mediums & Shallow Frames $650.00

2 and 3 Frame Manual Extractors with Stand
304 Stainless Steel, Deep, Medium & Shallow
2 Frame $180.00
3 Frame $222.00

220 lb Stainless Steel tank
With honey gate valve $149.50

Stainless Steel Comb Uncapping Scratcher $3.95

Electric Uncapping Knife $59.95

4 Frame Radial Manual Extractor with Tall Legs
Medium and Shallow frames
New design, best price on a small radial $318.00

4 Frame Electric Radial Extractor includes long legs
Best Price on a small radial!
Medium and Shallow frames $420.00

Compressed Air Bottling Machine
You provide the air compressor and honey. It does the rest, simply set the amount per bottle. $1850.00

2 Frame Plastic Extractor
Perfect for the hobbyist with a couple of hives. Weighs 12 lbs. Stores in a closet! Includes Honey Gate valve. $149.00

Double Stainless Steel Strainer Adjustable Sizing
All You need for filtering your honey! $29.95

Cold Serrated Uncapping Knife

Uncapping Roller

Nylon Double Strainer
Fits over a 5 gallon bucket $10.95

Single Stainless Steel Strainer

Pail Drain Bracket
Leave overnight to drain every drop from one bucket to another.$13.50

Bucket Dolly
Fits 5 gallon & Smaller$14.95

Hive Strap
Don’t worry about wind! 9’ strap$14.95

Pail Opener
Open plastic buckets easily with the opener.$6.95

Short Shank Honey Valve
Perfect for tanks$9.95

Plastic Honey Gate Valve $8.95